Be On The Lookout For Mites

A number of fellow gardeners here in Florida have had a spider mite problem this year. You need to be pro-active or you will lose your blooms. Look for webs, and tiny bugs under the leaves. Yellow leaves can also be an indicator, mites suck the chlorophyll from the leaves. Signs of damage include blackening of leaf edges, leaf curl, new leaves and buds turning black, loss of inflos, and black tip can also result from the damage.
Spray with a systemic to kill the mites. The eggs will continue to hatch, but over spraying can kill your plant, so a good hose spray will knock them off. It will take a couple of weeks to get rid of them. A non-toxic approach is to spray the plants with milk and water solution, it will get rid of the mites and also acts as a fungicide. Spray late in the evening when there is no sun. You can spray off the residue in the morning.