Rooting – How To Root A Plumeria Cutting

Plumeria cuttings need heat and sun to root. If you do not live in a warm climate, you will need a greenhouse, or if indoors use artificial lighting and heat mats.

Dry the cutting for 1-3 weeks in a cool dry location.

Prepare the soil by mixing 2/3rd Perlite to 1/3rd potting soil. Or, you can use ready to use cactus mix.

Choose a pot about 4 – 6 inches wide and 4 – 6 inches deep with good drainage. Fill the pot with the soil mix, leaving 1 inch from the pot rim.

Dip the bottom inch of the cutting into a rooting hormone (like Rootone or Clonex).

Sink the cutting into the pot about 3 inches below the dirt. Do not to plant too deep – the roots develop from the bottom of the cutting.

Press and firm the mix adding more if needed. You can add gravel to the top of the pot to stabilize the cutting.

Water it until water drains out the holes. To help promote rooting, you can water with SuperThrive. Do not water again until the soil becomes bone dry. Over watering can cause rot.

Place the pot in a warm sunny location . Placing it on a warm concrete patio or heat mat will help stimulate root growth.

In a few weeks(3-6 depending on climate and time of year)roots will develop. Tug gently on the cutting – if there is strong resistance, you have roots. ***Tip Using clear pots will allow you the rooting progress without disturbing it.***

This is by no means the only or official way to root. There are a lot of variations, and different methods used. One is called “water rooting” , and we will address in a separate post.