Plumeria Books

Here is a list of books dedicated to Plumeria culture.
Growing Plumerias in Hawaii and Around the World by Jim Little (Paperback – 2006)

The Exotic Plumeria, a pictorial, Volume 1 by Alan W. Bunch (Hardcover – 2006)

Plumeria Rainbow: Amazing Plumeria Photographs Vol. 1 by Michael Stephen Anders (Paperback –  2005)
The Handbook on Plumeria Culture by Richard Eggenberger and Mary Helen Eggenberger (Paperback –  2000)

Frangipani: A practical guide to growing frangipani at home by Linda Ross, Lorna Rose, and John Stowar (Paperback – 2009)

  Out Of Print:
  • The exotic Plumeria (frangipani) by Elizabeth H Thornton (1985)
  • Plumerias in Hawaii by Donald P Watson (1965)
  • PLUMERIA CULTIVARS IN HAWAII by James T.; Criley, Richard A. Chinn (1982) *reformatted version available in PDF