Growing Plumeria From Seeds

Plumeria are very easy to start from seed.

Fill small plastic trays or pots with potting soil. Place the seed into the soil, leaving the wing sticking up. Press the soil lightly around the seed to keep it in place. Water lightly and place in a sunny location. Depending on the time of year and conditions, you will see germination in 1-3 weeks. In some cases it happens in as little as 2 days. Seelings will produce flowers in about 2 growing seasons.

Remember, plumerias from seed are not an exact duplicate of the parent -they can have traits of either parent, or a combination (this is how new hybrids are discovered) of the two. Only plumeria grown from cuttings are true to the parent(except seeds from “true species” like Plumeria Alba or Obtusa). Plumerias grown from seed should always be referred to as a seedling. For example: A plumera grown from a cutting from an Aztec Gold tree, can be called “Aztec Gold”. If grown from seed, it should be called “Aztec Gold Seedling” or “Seedling of Aztec Gold” so there is no confusion.