Act Now To Minimize Rust On Plumeria

It’s that time of year again here in Florida. Rust is beginning to make an appearance here in Tampa Bay. It may be hard or even impossible to erradicate entirely, but you can significantly reduce the unsightly damage.
First, remove infected leaves, placing them in a trash bag or sealed container. Don’t do this on a windy day, it will spread the spores. Then spray the trees with a systemic fungicide. Finally scatter a granular fungicide(for lawns) around the base of the trees. These products can be found at Ace Hardware or Lowes. Look for “Bayelton” as the active ingredient. One purchase will last several seasons.
Plumeria rust does not harm the plant, but it can degrade the appearance of your landscape, making your well cared for plumeria look sick. Taking a few easy measures can keep it at bay and keep your plants looking healthy.